5 Steps You Must Follow for a SUCCESSFUL Youtube Content Strategy

Plus get 1000's of video ideas for your business

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Welcome to the no stress, no fluff, youtube webinar for beginners!

By the end of our masterclass, you'll be buzzing with ideas to boost your business & you'll finally feel confident to create your very own youtube channel


You'll learn;

  • What the CCPET youtube system is & how it can help your youtube channel explode 


  • Unique ways to promote your videos & get tons of views


  • I'll reveal the 4 secret FREE tools that I use to make sure I NEVER run out of content ideas.


It's time for you to take action, get on youtube, and SHINE ONLINE

I can't wait to spend some time with you in this exclusive masterclass,

Veena V (Your Youtube Coach & Cheerleader!)


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Veena V

Veena boosts business owners confidence on camera and turns them from video phobics to video phenomenons!

Over 1 million youtube videos

Channel 4 award winner

Presented on regional radio in Oxford, London & BBC Essex  

She's trained hundreds of clients and has more than 10,000 youtube subscribers